Autumn! Or just a very, very wet and unpleasant winter…?

Okay, so here I am standing whilst looking out the window of my house, observing the rain as it’s pouring down in such masses that you really have to wonder if it wouldn’t be a pretty good investment to acquire a rubber boat at this point. Now, you’re probably wondering and saying to yourself: What the hell is this guy going on about? Is he on drugs!?

First of all: No! I am not on drugs; though at this point I wish my doctor would subscript me something really strong that would put me to sleep and and allow for me to wake-up in time for summer, warm weather, and bbq! The daunting concept of having to go through Jan., Feb., Mar., into April and onward into May before we get some assimilation of non-rainy weather is quite… ominous and quite frankly depressing as all sin!

Today it is Friday; Friday Jan. 15th and believe it or not about 3 months ago the national weather service gave the weather prognoses for the entire winter of 2015, stating that it would be the coldest in 3-4 DECADES! Yes; you read it correctly: 3-4 DECADES!

Ummm… no, not in southern Sweden anyway. Perhaps that might be the correct assessment for countries such as Finland, or perhaps the mountain ranges here in Sweden, but certainly not the southern parts. Granted, we had a small amount of winter towards the end of December, but that was nothing else but normal winter — cold weather, day and night, and snow.

Since then, nothing but rain. Rain, rain, rain, rain, rain!!! Did I mention rain? I don’t mind winter, but I would very much like some SNOW!!! When snow comes I’ll post some pictures here on the blog.

Cheers! 🙂